• Editorial: A Neglected Law Enforcement Asset

    Authored on: May 09, 2002

    State and federal databanks containing DNA profiles of convicted criminals and suspects offer law enforcement officers a powerful new tool for catching sexual assailants with a criminal record and


    Authored on: June 29, 1998

    WHEN FEDERAL regulators recently approved doling out parts of Conrail to the nation's two surviving rail freight giants, Mayor Giuliani and Gov. Pataki were among the cheerleaders.

  • $200 Billion Bill For Public Works Passed by Congress

    Authored on: May 23, 1998

    WASHINGTON, May 22— Congress overwhelmingly approved today the largest public works program in the nation's history, voting to spend more than $200 billion over the next six years

  • Editorial: Think About the Port of Brooklyn

    Authored on: June 02, 1996

    New York's harbor, favored by nature and location, has long been a key to the prosperity of the city and region.

  • Man in the News; Persistence Pays Off: Jerrold Lewis Nadler

    Authored on: September 25, 1992

    Assemblyman Jerrold Nadler's introduction to politics came when he was 7 years old and his father, "a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat," was a struggling poultry farmer in New Jersey.

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