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  • What an amazing result! A great victory for the 10th District, for everyone who has helped us during this campaign, and everyone who has been a supporter, friend, and ally over the years – thank you all.

    I am truly in awe of our democracy, which calls on citizens driven by public service to come forward, present their ideas and positions to the voters, and ask for their support in the hope of representing them, their interests, and the nation as a whole.

    It is an honor and responsibility I take very seriously, knowing that popularity is not always the measurement by which we can judge service – but it is how citizens make their voices heard. In this election, the voters of New York’s 10th Congressional District made their voices heard loud and clear, and I thank them for their overwhelming and clear support.

    We live in serious times, facing serious issues with serious consequences. The epidemic of gun violence tears through our communities, yet Republicans refuse to take action. Discrimination, whether because of age, race, gender, religion, or sexuality, continues to stain our society, yet the politics of divisiveness remain ever-present. People want an economy and a justice system that is fair and that treats people with respect, yet fewer and fewer Americans feel like their needs and interests matter.

    These are serious problems needing serious solutions, and I hope that now we can get back to doing the serious work needed to make a difference.

    This campaign has not been easy, with many late nights and early mornings, but it has shown me, once again, something I say regularly and with great pride: This district is amazing — amazing because of its diversity, its energy and intelligence. It is a district I am humbled to represent, and I am honored the voters have given me their support for re-election once again.

    I said earlier during this campaign that in an age where principles and politics have never seemed further apart, it is important, at certain times and on certain issues, to behave according to your conscience and to do what is right based on the merits, not the politics. I am glad that in this election the politics worked out, but it is in no small part because of the incredible, tireless, run-through-a-brick-wall dedication demonstrated by so many friends and supporters.

    This victory is due to the efforts of many many people, all of whom I am extremely grateful for. I want to thank everyone who has lent their time, resources, and energy to this campaign. Thank you all!

    3 months 2 days ago FROM FACEBOOK